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Nothing is more exciting than learning from someone who shares the same passions as you do – and who’s already been there and done it at the highest level. In Alba Learn, training staff are not just industry-aware, but have actual experience in their fields of expertise – over thirty years’ experience, maintaining the breadth of their knowledge, and adapting their courses to reflect changing industry focus and needs. That means you learn not only the theory, but also the reality of the subjects you’re studying.

Whether you’re looking to move straight into the workforce, or to take an initial step to further your career education, a Vocational Education or Vocational Training qualification can take you where you want to go.

Our qualifications and awards are outcome-based and focus on the occupational skills and competencies gained. Alba Learn recognises prior learning or current competence in the industry. This makes flexible learning easier for those already employed in their chosen field, and leads to a smoother transition for those looking to switch to a new career path, or enter the path to their chosen field for the first time.

Your vocational training course will broaden your skills in a specialised area that teaches you the practical experience you require to empower you in the modern workplace.

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